Lecture Series

Lecture Series
Lecture Series

Perspectives in Anthropology welcomes you to explore our new Lecture Series where you can discover a wide range of topics, each with a unique perspective and interpretation. We hope that these lectures will reflect the values of good anthropological research and inspire your own critical thinking and imagination.

If you can’t view the lectures here on our website, you may still be able to watch some of them on our YouTube Channel. Simply go to our Lecture Series channel page and the video will be available for viewing. Please remember to subscribe to our channel.

We are also hosting conference lectures that will bring together scholars on specific themes. It is our hope to provide the work of prominent scholars who will contribute their knowledge and perspectives. Lively conversation, debate, and collaboration are the hallmarks of these events.


Focus Lectures – Scholars lecturing on interesting issues.

New Voices – New and interesting scholars.

ThoughtStreams – Controversial topics and contemporary issues.

Focus Lectures:

Terrence McKenna
The Internet is the cure for TV

Patricia Rose
Brown University,  Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America
How Structural Racism Works

Huguette LaBelle
April 2014
Corruption: Key Challenges for Local, National and International Institution

Sosin Thayyaba
November 2017
Anthropology Optional 2018

David Feldman
March 2016
Crystal Clear: Flint Water Crisis

Noam Chomsky
February 2014
How to ruin an Economy: some simple ways

Malcolm Gladwell
New Yorker Magazine Festival
School Shootings

Susan Athey
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Introduction to Bitcoin

Deltan Dallagnol
Yale University Latin American Series
Corruption as a Business Model: Petrobras and Politics in Brazil

Mary L. Gray
2011 Indiana University
Ethnography as a critical dimension in media and technology studies

Ghia Nodia
2016 Lipset Lecture
The Crisis of Postnationalism

Edward Simpson
SOAS Depart of Anthropology, University of London
“What is the role of chance in Anthropology?”

Edward Said
Media Education Foundation
On Orientalism

Kevin Kruse
Miller Center Foundation
How Corporate America Invented Religion

Paul Jay
Real News
Capitalism and the Divine Right of Billionaires

Richard Wolff
On Contact w/Chris Hedges
Capitalism in Crisis

Alexander Betts
TED Talks
Why Brexit Happened – And what to do next?

Natasha Ezrow
University of Essex – TED Talks
Authoritarian Breakdown: How Dictators Fall

David Archer
University of Chicago, 2009
Oil and Gas

Monica de Bolle
Crossroads Archives
Brazil’s Economic Meltdown

Elizabeth Grossman
Real Truth About Health Conference, 2014
Poisonous Products, Human Health and the Promise of Green Chemistry

Adrei Zlate
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, USA
International Financial Spillovers to Emerging Market Economies

Monica de Bolle
Brazil Institute Global Fellow – Wilson Center, April 2015
Will New Economic Measures Revive Brazil’s Economy?

Ghassan Hage
University of Melbourne, March 2009
Key Thinkers: Ghassan Hage on Pierre Bourdieu

David Harvey
University of Pennsylvania, 2011
The End of Capitalism

Alan MacFarlane
University of Cambridge, 2006
Economic Anthropology

Marilyn Strathern
University of Cambridge, 2014
Future for Anthropological Relations

Nicholas Harriman
La Trobe University, 2012
Anthropology & Symbols – Leví-Strauss – Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

New Voices:

Laura Doydon, MD
Department of Surgery-Mt. Sinai Hospital, 2013
Medical Anthropology and the Surgeon

Neil Turner
Professor of Anthropology, 2011
Foucault and Geertz: Theorectical Considerations


The Rise of China – KJ Vids – Video Series

Women’s March on Washington DC 2017 – Interview with Organizers

Redesigning Education: Shaping Learning Systems around the Globe

Future of Anthropology in Schools of Education – Columbia University, 2013 

No Right to Free Speech?

Illegal Migration in Hungary

Ethnography: Ellen Isaacs at TEDxBroadway

Human Trafficking – 21st Century Slavery_ Faridoun Hemani at TEDx SugarLand

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

Understanding the Arguments for Universal Health Care

Expatriate Stories: Ecuador

Affirmative Action in Brazil

Noam Chomsky
The Purpose of Education

The Concept of “Race”
A Forensic Anthropological Perspective
on Human Variation, 2011

Reactions and Responses to
Frustrated: Black American Men and
Brazilian Women


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